Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hot Turkey - Day 9 Report

Date: February 9
Weight: 189.6
Today’s Superfood: walnuts
Fruits and Veg: apple, grapes, bean sprouts, carrot, avocado, tomato x2, pear  
Habits Kept: 100%
Favourite New Habit: daily shot of olive oil, no longer vomit inducing
Least Favourite: a horrible flossing experience will be described in the next video
Athletic prowess of: Virgil Riley Runnels Jr (aka The American Dream Dusty Rhodes)
Sex appeal of: Steve Carell mid chest wax (remember I stared out as hungover Steve Buscemi - this is progress)


  1. Why do you have the oil straight?

    1. Meant to be an appetite suppressant, as described in Seth Robert's Shangri-La diet.