Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hot Turkey - Day 7 Report

Date: February 7
Weight: 190.4
Today’s Superfood: pumpkin seeds
Fruits and Veg: apple, mixed berry smoothie, banana x2, arugula, tomato, mango, raspberry
Habits Kept: 100%
Favourite New Habit: After 6 days on the elliptical, I don’t think I’ll ever waste another minute on a stationary bicycle
Least Favourite: Bored with veg, I went very fruit heavy today - most nutritionists advise against this
Athletic prowess of: 2009 Shuffleboard World Champion Jim Bailey (not tabletop either, I’m talking full-sized shuffleboard)
Sex appeal of: Anne Ramsey, who actually has kind of a ruggedly handsome manliness, which is unfortunate for her

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